Why Dell for AI Inferencing

Are you ready to take your AI inferencing to the next level? Look no further than Dell Technologies!

Let’s dive into the three reasons why Dell is your ultimate partner for unleashing the power of AI inferencing.

1) End-to-End Validated Solutions

Dell offers comprehensive end-to-end AI solutions that cover the entire workflow. From data preprocessing to model deployment, Dell provides a seamless ecosystem that simplifies your AI deployment journey. This holistic approach ensures compatibility, reduces complexity, and accelerates time-to-market for your AI projects.

Learn more about Dell’s portfolio of Validated AI Solutions Here: https://www.dell.com/en-us/dt/solutions/artificial-intelligence/index.htm#accordion0&tab0=0

2) AI-Ready Infrastructure with Unparalleled Performance

With Dell’s purpose-built, AI-optimized infrastructure, you can seamlessly expand your workloads as your business grows, without compromising performance or incurring unnecessary costs. From Dell PowerEdge servers to Dell PowerScale and Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage, Dell’s hardware portfolio delivers mind-blowing performance, allowing you to process massive amounts of data in real time. Dell’s newest generation of XE Accelerated Servers incorporates the latest NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPU and provides significant improvement in image processing speed, which translates to higher overall throughput for inferencing workloads. Comparing the NVIDIA A100 SXM configuration with the NVIDIA H100 SXM configuration on the same PowerEdge XE9680 revealed up to a 300% improvement in inferencing performance!

Learn more here: https://infohub.delltechnologies.com/p/accelerating-ai-inferencing-with-dell-poweredge-xe9680-a-performance-analysis/

3) Inference Everywhere 

Dell Technologies’ AI- and ML-enabled platforms provides the flexibility that end-users need to create and deploy AI applications anywhere. For example, The R760xa equipped with 4th Generation Intel Xeon scalable processors utilizes AMX technology, resulting in a remarkable 8x improvement in inference throughput. Developers can harness the power of AMX to enhance AI workload performances while still utilizing the ISA instruction set for non-AI tasks. This benefit extends to the entire PowerEdge portfolio, creating a major performance uplift for AI workloads from edge to core.

Learn more about choosing the right server for the edge here: Choosing a PowerEdge Server and NVIDIA GPUs for AI Inference at the Edge | Dell Technologies Info Hub

4) Collaboration and Support

Dell Technologies is a globally recognized leader in the technology industry, with a long-standing reputation for reliability and innovation. Recently Dell has partnered with Nvidia to launch Project Helix, a complete, validated, and secure solution for Generative AI that leverages Dell’s robust infrastructure and Nvidia GPUs and AI enterprise software, frameworks, and developer tools. With Dell and Nvidia expert teams by your side, you’ll receive top-notch support, guidance, and consulting services, helping you navigate the complexities of AI inferencing and unlock the full potential of your data.

Learn more about Project Helix Here: Generative AI in the Enterprise | Dell Technologies Info Hub

💡 Ready to supercharge your AI inferencing capabilities? Reach out to Dell Technologies today and embark on an incredible AI journey with a trusted partner: https://www.dell.com/en-us/lp/contact-us

Let’s transform the way you leverage AI to drive innovation and success! 🚀💪

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