APEX Backup Services

When it comes to legacy data protection and backup products, there are significant challenges to consider. When it comes to Data Protection in our modern world, it is becoming apparent that traditional data protection is no longer meeting the needs of companies as they continue to run more and more applications in a cloud-based environment. Organizations require cloud-based data protection that can offer scalability, security, and the flexibility they need to meet and exceed their business needs.

This is where SaaS-based data protection solutions like APEX Backup Services allow organizations to relieve legacy challenges and allow them to adapt to modern use cases and workloads. SaaS-based data protection solutions like APEX Backup Services leverage native cloud infrastructure and uses a single console that makes it simple to manage workloads and users from a single view.

APEX Backup Services can deliver high performance and secure backup, long-term retention, and automated compliance to an organization’s current IT infrastructure. With the use of a single console, organizations have complete visibility and a consistent management experience across SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, endpoints like Desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, and hybrid workloads. APEX Backup Services for SaaS applications will be able to deliver unified data protection, management, and information governance, including automated compliance and legal hold. APEX Backup Services also offers infinite, on-demand scalability, while ensuring predictable and controllable cost.

Since APEX Backup Services leverages a cloud-based infrastructure, it can deliver the resiliency and speed an organization needs to meet business SLAs with a low TCO. APEX Backup Services offers unique features including:

• Centralized monitoring and management

• Automated, no touch feature updates

• Regulatory compliance

• Source-side deduplication

• Encryption in-flight and at rest

• Cloud-to-cloud backup and restore

By now you maybe wondering why does this matter? Honestly, there are multiple reasons APEX Backup Services could be the best solution. The most important reason is that organization are beginning to or planning to work in a cloud environment and needs to be protected. No matter if it is a hybrid cloud or full cloud environments, APEX Backup Services will help protect the data. As the technology environment changes, being able to have a single pane of glass option to manage data as the environments change is key to organizational success.

APEX Backup Services is one of the most versatile data protection solution Dell Technologies has in its data protection portfolio. For any organization that is wanting to go to a cloud-based environment(s) for applications or workloads, APEX Backup Service should be a strong consideration. If you want to learn more or have questions, reach out to me in the comments or on my social media platform.



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