APEX – On Prem Private Cloud in a Jiffy!

Engineering Technologists, Curtis Edwards & Kris Walsh share their thoughts on the value APEX is bringing to Dell customers today.

So, APEX is here! But what is it? APEX delivers cloud and infrastructure services

for a range of data and workload requirements, enabling you to accelerate innovation, adapt to evolving requirements, and stay in control of IT operations. APEX is based on innovative Dell Technologies infrastructure built with Intel flexibility and performance.

In our previous blog we discussed how APEX fits into the continuing Evolution of the Hybrid Cloud.

That all sounds great but what does that mean for my company?

At its core, APEX is designed to deliver the business outcomes your company needs.

While there are many benefits, in this blog we’re going to focus on how fast you get our APEX services deployed and/or upgraded.

For those of you with projects on a short timeline, you should take a hard look at APEX.

APEX delivers amazing time to value (TTV). Time to value is the aim to minimize the time between acquiring a new product or service and realizing the business benefits. This has increasingly become a key focus for board executives, CIOs, and heads of departments. Businesses naturally want to take advantage of the latest and most innovative technology to benefit their companies work in real measurable ways as soon as possible. With APEX you can have just that.

It takes a long time to get a traditional On-Prem private cloud up and running.

Anyone attempting to order data center hardware right now can tell you that parts are in short supply.

  • I’ve seen parts with lead times as long as 4 months! That’s just to get the hardware on your dock.
  • It can take another 1-3 weeks for you to get the hardware racked and stacked.
  • It can take another 2-4 weeks for you to get your environment configured, tested and tweaked for optimal performance
  • Did I mention that your implementation lead just happens to be on holiday at the most inopportune time?
  • It’s pretty easy to see how this process could stretch out to 6-8 months!

APEX On-Prem Private Cloud can be up and running REALLY Fast!

One of the great things about APEX is how fast you can get it up and running.

APEX modules are pre-built and READY TO SHIP! Because they are pre-built and predetermined configurations we can have a very low and achievable SLA. This also leads to rapid scalability and of course a heavily streamlined ordering process.

You can have your Private Cloud and VMs up and running in as little as 14 days!

Let me say that again in case you missed it…

You can have your APEX Private Cloud shipped racked, stacked & ready to go in as little as 14 BUSINESS DAYS!

Upgrading your existing On-Prem Private Cloud is even FASTER!

But wait it gets better!

So you’ve got your Private Cloud up and running. Things are going SO well! Adoption has taken off! Uh oh… We need to expand!

Don’t forget, we built a buffer into your original Private Cloud, but if you need additional capacity, upgrades are as easy as pie…

Pop into the APEX Console, select your expansion requirements, complete your order and your expansion will be all setup in as little as 5-7 days!

Yes, you heard me correctly… We can expand your existing Private Cloud in as little as 5-7 DAYS!!

Inconceivable for an on-premise solution you say!?

No, not inconceivable at all. It’s time to change your expectations… Welcome to APEX! 😁

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Dell account team to begin your APEX journey.

In the mean-time, you can learn more on the Dell.com/APEX site.

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