As-a-Service Meets Cyber Recovery

The growth of ransomware landscape is continuing to grow each year. Much like the viruses that affect humans, ransomware viruses continue to evolve and become harder to detect and deter. According to Cyber Management Alliance for the year 2022, “Further, this year has already seen the emergence of many new Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) gangs such as Mindware, Onyx, and Black Basta as well as the return of one of the world’s most dangerous ransomware operations, REvil.” This just shows the fact that ransomware attacks are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Companies need to be prepared for any form of a ransomware attack that may be attempted against them. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated and are one accidental phishing email away from launching a successful attack against an organization’s network. Every organization should be investing in cyber-attack readiness and mitigation strategies to protect itself from a heavy cost of a successful ransomware attack.

APEX Cyber Recovery

APEX Cyber Recovery Services is a complete on-premises solution that is delivered as-a-Service for customers that are seeking protection for their critical data against the increasing threat of cyberattacks and ransomware. APEX Cyber Recovery Services is a streamlined adoption of cyber recovery solution(s) through standardized configurations and recovery service options while giving organizations more control with templated recovery runbooks and procedures. Using APEX Cyber Recovery, organizations have some peace of mind because with APEX Cyber Recovery, you have Dell support on your side to assist when a cyber-attack is discovered. The support organizations receive provides expert guidance at every step. This will help organizations to optimize the selection of applications and data to protect in their vault and simplify Dell-assisted recovery options.

Using APEX Cyber Recovery Services, an organization can feel confident in its ability to recover from a destructive cyberattack such as a ransomware attack and achieve more agility by offloading the day-to-day management. Organizations also achieve more resiliency with a more robust recovery approach that includes regular recovery testing, day-to-management of vault operations, and the protection of critical data in an isolated, immutable, and intelligent data vault.




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