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APEX Backup Service

Welcome back! This is a continuation of a previous blog I released about APEX Backup Services. I won’t go into too much detail about it in this blog, however, if you’re interested in reading it, I highly recommend you check it out. It has a lot of great information about the backup solution and what can be offered. With that APEX Backup Services delivers high-performance and secure backup, long-term retention, and automated compliance through a single console. Customers will have complete visibility and a consistent management experience across SaaS applications, endpoints, and hybrid workloads. APEX Backup Services also offers infinite, On-demand scalability and ensures predictable and controllable costs.

SaaS Applications

I mentioned earlier that you can manage experience across SaaS applications. APEX Backup Services can protect data in SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

APEX Backup Service for SaaS Applications

Customers are going with APEX Backup Services for their SaaS application because Dell can help them achieve business resiliency and realize the value from their backup data. Once APEX Backup Services is deployed, admins are will be able to back up their SaaS applications within minutes all on one easy-to-use dashboard. Once the data from the applications have been backed up, admins will be able to use eDiscovery to quickly search for specific information. Also, the backups use high-level security and privacy including ransomware protection with data isolation and immutability and the broadest support for security and privacy standards, including Gov Cloud and Fed Ramp. Regardless of its basic user data to PII (Personal Identifiable Information), the data is protected and meets government regulation.

When data from these applications are backed up, the backups are not stored on a file system but are isolated from the network into a secure cloud location that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Backing up data from one of the SaaS applications can be completed in minutes and recovered and restored within minutes as well. That’s including selecting to restore selected data or everything if or when it is needed.

There is a lot more APEX Backup Services can do for your SaaS application that I did not mention in this blog but, I’ve left links to other resources that can explain more. You can also reach out to me with questions, leave a comment in the comment section, or checkout the provided links below. Until next time, talk to you later.




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