GVU Episode 1 – VVU name change and VxRail Updates.


Welcome to the 1st episode of the GVU.  Yes folks, the GVU!  What you knew as the VVU (VxRail Video Update) is now going to be called the GVU (GEOS Video Update).  Welcome to Episode 1 where Curtis Edwards, Una O’Herlihy and Ben Mayer discuss some of the key features from the exciting new release of VxRail (7.0.450).  This is the beginning of a new series of videos which will include a variety of topics to cover VxRail, Multicloud, APEX and hopefully much more. If you like what you see or have topics you’d like us to discuss in the next video, leave a comment below.

There are many more updates that are part of 7.0.450 so be sure to check out the link and some detailed blogs from Ben and Una.



VxRail 7.0.450 Release Notes – VxRail Release Notes – 7.0.450

Ben Meyer blog on VxRail LCM with PowerStore – VxRail PowerStore LCM blog

Una O’Herlihy blog on VxRail Upgrade Planning Enhancements – VxRail Upgrade Planning Blog


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