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PowerProtect Data Manager

Hey, are you struggling with management of data and the larger infrastructure data center(s)? PowerProtect Data Manager (PPDM) as a great solution for Kubernetes, virtual machines (VMs), cloud apps, and Windows/Linux filesystem. PPDM is a powerful and universal software-defined data protection solution changing the IT landscape. Backup requirements have transcended IT teams and have crossed over to application and data owners who aspire to do more than simply restore their data. These new IT challenges can be solved by transitioning to a broader cloud data protection strategy. PPDM will place you on the path to modernizing a data center and unlocking the value of your data and applications. PPDM gives you valuable insight into protected on-prem and in-cloud workloads, applications, file systems, and VMs. PPDM also adds a complete oversight and governance of your data to ensure compliance. PPDM is designed with agility and operational simplicity in mind for IT teams to make managing large or small data centers easy.

PowerProtect Data Manager Essential

Autonomous Operations

PPDM is more than just software. PPDM is capable of autonomous operations by automating the discovery and protection of databases, VMs, file systems, and Kubernetes. With automation, a common policy engine that automates compliance and governance across workloads. PPDM allows you to instantly access protected VM images to support new use cases like quickly deploying development and test environments. PPDM integrations are the only solution to provide native vSphere Storage Policy-Based Management integration for VM protection by offering storage and back admins and VM owners the ability to choose a storage policy to apply to every VM automatically once installed.

Multi-Cloud Optimization

With PPDM you can leverage your cloud environment for backup, long-term retention, and disaster recovery. Whether you are focusing on public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, you will be confident that your data is protected to the highest level of security. This peace of mind in any cloud environment is due to tiering backups to cloud storage for long-term retention to minimize costs and maximize access to those backups without impacting on-premises protection storage resources. PPDM protects in-cloud workloads running on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud while enabling disaster recovery to the public cloud. PPDM can be used with PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition and can deliver a high level of performance and efficiency through deduplication. PPDM also brings enterprise-level data protection for the VMware Tanzu portfolio, and you can enable the protection of Tanzu which can be essential for a business operation.

Cloud-Native Protection

Mission and business-critical applications that are deployed in a public cloud(s) may require cloud-native methods to protect the stored data. So far there are not many native data protection solutions available in public clouds. Being able to use a single tool to orchestrate, discover, and automate the protection of Azure and AWS workloads is important. PPDM has a SaaS component called PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager which protects cloud-native workloads across multiple public clouds. PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager will also provide global visibility and control. It enables you to gain insight into the data protection activity(s) across the public cloud infrastructure.

Transparent Snapshots

With the Transparent Snapshots feature on PPDM, you can change the way you protect your VMs. The volume of VM data is continuing to grow within organizations and being able to protect that data at a scale will be challenging. Other organizational challenges customers/partners may face include VM latency and operational disruption with backups. Transparent Snapshots will enable you to protect a VM environment(s) more effectively while overcoming these challenges. Transparent Snapshots simplifies and automates VM image-level protection and backs up VMs without the need to pause them during a backup process. Using Transparent Snapshots can result in a significant reduction in the impact on normal business operations, most importantly on large, high-change-rate VMs. The simplified backup process with Transparent Snapshots will also reduce infrastructure costs by removing the reliance on proxies to move data.

This is not my first time mentioning transparent snapshot, I went more in depth in that blog if you find this section interesting, What is Transparent Snapshot?

NAS Infrastructure Protection

Dynamic NAS Protection can deliver a simple and modern way to protect your NAS systems. Dynamic NAS Protection automatically and dynamically slices NAS assets with load balancing for movement to protection storage. These dynamic NAS slices are reassessed before each backup, with new slices being added, removed, or rebalanced based on the backup history and changes in the content of the NAS asset being partitioned. Dynamic NAS Protection is capable of automatically and intelligently scaling to optimized performance while enabling protection and recovery for any NAS that supports CIFS or NFS.

Resilience with Cyber Recovery

Protection of data is protection for an organization and cyber-attacks are happening more frequently. To reduce this business risk caused by cyber-attacks, you can modernize and automate recovery and business continuity strategies by leveraging the latest intelligent tools to detect and defend against cyber threats. You can pair PPDM with another Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides modern and intelligent protection to isolate critical data, identify suspicious activity and accelerate data recovery allowing you to quickly resume normal business operations.

I’ve discussed PowerProtect Cyber Recovery a little more in detail in a previous blog as well. If you are interested you read the blog here, PowerProtect Cyber Recovery.

What’s Next

If PPDM sounds like something you may need or want to explore in depth, check out the links below. Please contact me directly on social media platforms linked below or leave a comment in the comments section. PPDM and its features are the best solution on the market and unmatched by any other solution.



Author’s Note

I am a Dell employee and the thoughts about the product are my own and do not reflect the ideas of Dell Technologies.

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