VCF on VxRail 4.2 – Walkthrough (Part 1: Bring Up)

This is the first in a series of posts covering VCF On VxRail 4.2. The following detailed post provides an example walkthrough covering the process of:

  • Deploying a VxRail Management Workload Domain cluster
  • Deploying VMware CloudBuilder for VxRail
  • Bring-Up of VCF 4.2

Versions used in this example are VCF 4.2 & VxRail 7.0.131. Release Notes:

The end result of this example build is that of a single site VCF on VxRail solution including a single NSX-T VI Workload Domain (thanks to @HeagaSteve for the architectural diagram):

Management Workload Domain Creation

The VxRail bring-up of the Management Cluster is similar to a standard VxRail bring-up with embedded vCenter being deployed. Previously there was a requirement to externalize the vCenter using VxRail Manager plugin from the vCenter HTML client but this is now fully automated as part of the Cloud Builder Bring-Up process. Also changing the Management port group to Ephemeral port type post VxRail bring-up is also not required as it is now an option during the VxRail deployment as can be seen in the following walkthrough. Tasks include:

  • VxRail Mgmt WLD cluster bring-up
  • Enable Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)
  • Rename DC, Cluster, VDS, vSAN
  • Confirm health status

To continue reading, check out David’s blog post here.

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