VCF Skip Level Tool

The VCF Skip Level Tool (SLT) facilitates software upgrades of VCF on VxRail to either the latest or a specified target version. The tool enables preceding versions of software to be skipped, speeding up upgrade. The 4 clips here discuss and demonstrate the SLT.


Part 1 of 4 / clip 1:
Duration: 10 minutes

  • Introduction
  • Where to Find the Tool
  • Whiteboard explanation of how it works


Part 2 of 4 /clip 2:

Duration: 10 minutes

  • Preparation phases
  • A demo of SLT command-line and switches


Part 3 of 4 /clip 3:
Duration: 15 minutes

  • Demonstrate the upgrade phase


Part 4 of 4 /clip 4:
Duration: 12:30 minutes

  • Addendum – SLT new updates
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