Viewing your VxRail from the Cloud

SaaS multi-cluster management is a management cloud service for VxRail that is designed to provide a central view of your clusters. This AI driven service provides you a global visualization view, health score, metric, capacity planning and LCM operations.

This comes included with VxRail and no additional hardware or software is required. A data collection service called Adaptive Data Collector runs on the VxRail nodes to periodically feed information to the cloud via the same SRS connection that we use for dial home service. Data is stored at Dell and is used to generate reports and insights of your clusters to you. For security reasons, Dell does not collect any customer data. Access to this cluster metadata is restricted to the VxRail engineering team.

We are integrating and migrating this SaaS multi-cluster management service from MyVxRail to CloudIQ. Once completed, we will retire the MyVxRail web portal.

We start off by connecting VxRail to the Dell cloud via the SRS gateway

Once connected, you can access your clusters at either MyVxRail web portal: or CloudIQ. For this blog, we will only focus on CloudIQ.

Here are the features that you will get from CloudIQ:

1. Global View – Central view of all your cluster in the world. You will be able to tell from a single view if your clusters are healthy or not.

2. Simplified Heath Score – This identifies and assesses the impact of health issues now and the future, at both the cluster level and node level, so you pinpoint any problem areas. With machine learning, it can learn behavior patterns and more accurately identify any anomalies that may cause potential issues.

3. Inventory – Configuration information of your cluster like nodes, build versions, firmware, drivers, etc. are provided.

4. Capacity – With infrastructure machine learning, we can provide users a better insight to their current usage and project IT resource needs.

5. Metric Charting – with advanced health reporting, we can view and pinpoint any areas around CPU, Memory, Capacity and Networking resources.

SaaS multi-cloud management is an included service with every VxRail. With CloudIQ, you can manage all your VxRail clusters and other Dell infrastructure within the same portal.

To find out more: VxRail TechBook

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