VxRail for the Edge

VxRail for the Edge

VxRail can now be deployed closer to the edge with VD-4000 series where there is space constrain, remote and harsh environments. It can be as small as a shoe box, vertically mounted and supports temperature resilient and shock resistance.

  • -5C to 55C operating temperature
  • Up to 4 discrete servers in a single 2U chassis
  • Short-depth 350mm from ear-to-rack
  • Front and Rear I/O options
  • Supports two single wide NVIDIA A2 or one double wide NVIDIA A30


Targeted for workloads like:

Retail – POS, IOT, Store of the future, AI Inferencing, etc.

Defense – Hardened for dusty, hot/cold operations. Limited and future MIL-STD and NEBS certification.

Manufacturing – Machine aggregation, industrial automation, OT/IT translation and more.


2x VD-4000 Chassis options:

VD-4000z 2U Flexible Mount Chassis



  • 2 Bays; Redundant internal PSUs; 110/240v, DC option
  • Optional intelligent filtered bezel & cam latches
  • Dimensions:    5” x 14” (without bezel & latch)

                                     12” x 18” (with bezel & latch)

  • Mounting:       Desktop; VESA Plate; DIN Rail; Stacking
  • Air Flow:        Reverse Air-flow (standard – front IO)


VD-4000r 2U Rack Mount Chassis

  • 4 Bays; Redundant internal PSUs; 110/240v, DC option
  • Optional intelligent filtered bezel
  • Dimensions:      19” x 14” (without bezel)

                                       19” x 18” (with bezel)

  • Mounting:        2-post rack; 4-post rack; slide rails          
  • Air Flow:         Reverse Air-flow (standard – front IO);

                                    Normal Air-flow (rear IO)


3x node options:


VD-4510c (1U)



CPU:                              Intel Ice Lake Xeon-D with 4* to 20 cores

Memory:                     4x memory slots; up to 512GB total

Storage:                      Up to four M.2 NVMe drives
800GB MU NVMe cache drive and
Up to three 1.92TB or 3.84TB capacity drives

Boot:                          NVMe BOSS N1 with RAID1 480GB drive

Network:                  4x 10GbE or 25GbE (speed dependent upon CPU)


VD-4520c (2U)



Same as 1U above, plus:

PCIe:                              Two x16 PCIe Gen 4 slots
Full height, full length, up to 250W combined

GPU:                              Up to two NVIDIA A2, or a single A30

Network:                     SFP28, SFP+ & BaseT options

Storage:                       Up to two additional disk groups, each with:
800GB MU NVMe cache drive, and
Up to three 1.92TB or 3.84TB capacity drives


VD-4000w Embedded vSAN witness node


Dedicated hardware solely as a vSAN 2-node witness


CPU:                              Atom C3508

Memory:                     16GB ECC

Network:                     Intel 1Gb

Storage:                       M.2 NVMe drive


Deployment Options


2-node cluster



  • Two 1U nodes plus witness in flex chassis
  • Two 2U nodes plus witness in rack chassis
  • Customer installable


Satellite node


  • Single 2U node in flex chassis
  • Single 1U node plus spacer in flex chassis

4-node or larger cluster



  • Four 1U nodes in rack mount chassis
  • Cluster can expand to the vSAN max of 64 with additional chassis
  • Chassis can be partially populated
  • Can use 2U nodes, or a mix of 1U and 2U


VxRail VD-4000 series allows us to extend the agility, scalability and simplicity of VxRail beyond the datacenter without compromise on performance.

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