VxRail Provided vCenter

VxRail is a VMware vSphere and vSAN HCI appliance. A vCenter is required to manage the cluster or clusters. Customers have a choice of using their own vCenter or the VxRail provided vCenter, this is specified during deployment.

VxRail provided vCenter is included at no cost to the customer. If customer plans to use their own vCenter, they will have to purchase a vCenter license. Let’s now look at the benefits and limitation of using a VxRail provided vCenter.


– Automatically deployed with VxRail cluster

– VxRail LCM will update the vCenter

– No extra cost to the customer

– Can be converted to a customer provided vCenter

Limitations for vSphere 6.x

– VxRail provided vCenter can only manage it’s own cluster

– Enhanced link mode is not supported

– Single sign-on domain is vsphere.local and cannot be customized

With the release of VxRail 7.0.100, added functionalities have been added:

– Enhanced link mode

– Multi-cluster support

If there is a need to convert your VxRail provided vCenter to a customer provided vCenter for this these reasons:

– Managing non-VxRail clusters

– Customizing single sign-on domain’

This conversion can be easily found in vCenter

Do note that you should have a vCenter license ready before doing a conversion. Once converted to a customer vCenter, we won’t be able to convert it back a VxRail provided vCenter.

For more detailed information regarding vCenter for VxRail, please refer to our Dell EMC VxRail vCenter Server Planning Guide.

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