VxRail with CloudIQ – Dell’s Best Kept Secret

CloudIQ is a SaaS based AIOps platform, that offers easy proactive monitoring and troubleshooting for Dell solutions.
It leverages machine learning to proactively monitor and measure the overall health of Dell servers, storage, hyperconverged, data protection, and network devices.
CloudIQ is available at no additional cost to Dell customers with a valid ProSupport contract or higher.
While CloudIQ supports various products, I want to focus in this post specifically on VxRail.
Central Management
CloudIQ allows you to centrally monitor all of your VxRail clusters. This is powerful if you have VxRail clusters deployed across different locations. Some of those clusters might not use the same vCenter or are not using linked mode, so this will help you to have a true single pane of glass from a monitoring perspective of all systems.
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