XC Core HCI Solutions from Dell EMC – Part 2

Our first post covered a brief overview of the Dell EMC XC Core HCI Solution, it’s positioning within Dell Technologies HCI portfolio along with a brief history of the co-engineering and integration work between Dell Technologies and Nutanix.

In this post we’ll explore Dell Technologies strengths regarding Dell EMC XC Core nodes for the Nutanix Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution along with the XC Core platform strengths in its own right.

Leadership will always play a pivotal role

Leadership is first and foremost. Dell Technologies is #1 in the HCI market. Dell Technologies continue to extend that lead through years of experience developing, servicing, and supporting the market globally. Customers choose Dell Technologies for its commitment to deliver innovation.

Dell Technologies tightly integrated solutions offer customers a turnkey approach to hyperconvergence that accelerates IT transformation to realize IT outcomes faster through utmost operational efficiency and lifecycle simplification. We focus on automation and life cycle management of the both the underlying hardware infrastructure on PowerEdge servers in-conjunction with the Nutanix software stack.

Dell Technologies was the first OEM to offer Nutanix Enterprise Cloud backed by the XC family of servers and is continuing its long-term partnership since 2014 with more than 2,700 joint customers and 60,000 XC Family systems already proven and delivered.


Partnership has a big role to play in our value proposition. Our rich history of partnership with Nutanix on hybrid cloud platform solutions has earned us credibility and influence. This means that Dell Technologies are always driving design decisions, and this innovation compels competitors to follow suit.

Dell Technologies boasted many innovation ‘firsts’ with Nutanix Enterprise cloud, including pioneering the Hardware Lifecycle Concept ( hardware, patch and update automation integration)

This allowed customers to:

  • Accelerate time-to-value: XC Servers are engineered with a focus on deployment. Servers are pre-installed in the factory with setup boot scripts ready to go. As a result of co-engineering efforts between Dell EMC and Nutanix, setup and Installation of AOS can occur in minutes!

  • Speed Up Recovery: Customers have found the area of recovery to be extremely valuable especially as they complete their evaluations and move to production. They can fully utilize their Nutanix cluster for evaluation and development. Then when ready, thanks to the innovations on deployment setup, they can reset the cluster into a factory state and deploy it for production without the need to run foundation services. (We will explore this in more detail in up-coming posts)
  • Ease of Management: Finally, management ease is a key tenet. Enabling this, Nutanix management software has deep knowledge of XC Server hardware and its status.
  • Value add capabilities: Real-time health status, Overall cluster status, Status by node, Component level health, Hardware and firmware inventory, compliance and support for traditional or dark sites

Additionally, one-click updates and complete firmware updates are integrated with Nutanix Prism management software.


The caliber of our Support is also the result of our long-standing partnership with Nutanix. The success of our customers who are utilizing XC Hyperconverged infrastructure in their data centers is an important priority for Dell Technologies and Nutanix, and both companies are intently focused on providing the highest level of support for these environments.

Dell Technologies and Nutanix work together to provide a hybrid support experience.

Ability to Execute

And last but not least, our team’s ability to execute is second to none. Our proven approach accelerates and optimizes time to value. Our continuous improvement lead to best practices and help minimize risk during implementation. Our delivery experience and repeatable success mean predictable outcomes for the customer.

To sum up………

Many people believe “you need a server with certified parts to run Nutanix HCI.” This is an incomplete statement. It is more accurate to say, a “you need a certified and integrated hardware solution to run and maintain Nutanix HCI.”

Dell EMC XC Core nodes is a fully productized HCI solution with support and deployment services.

The XC Core Solution delivers: Nutanix Software Pre-installed, Prism LCM Integration, Solution Aware Support and a Nutanix Certified Parts Depot. Leading to shorter deployment times and automated Day 2 Ops. Add to this, Dell Technologies has a rigorous process to ensure component integrity, security and vendor responsibility on it’s entire supply chain.

In future posts we’ll certainly be digging deeper into Life Cycle Manager integrations (Nutanix LCM) and Deployment. But for the moment, in the next post, we’ll cover the XC Core server offerings based on PowerEdge’s next generation platform.

What to know more about why customers choose the XC core platform ? Check out our solution briefs here

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